Is Botox right for you?

Botox can be right for you, if your physician indicates you are able to tolerate injections of botulinum toxin for cosmetic purposes, come in for a consultation and let's see if treatment is needed.

The procedure consists of several small injections in the muscles that control the frown lines between your eyes.

When you look between your brows do you see vertical lines which form a 1, 11 or 111? If so, Botox Cosmetic may clear those lines making you look and feel younger.

Anti-wrinkle Injections


Botox Cosmetic

Botox is being used to erase the effects of time with minimal discomfort and long-lasting results.


This wrinkle relaxer uses a neurotoxin to immobilize muscles that cause wrinkles and creases.


A milder neurotoxin with no additives providing a safe alternative for Botox and Dysport.


Belotero was first developed for finer lines and eye hollow correction and now has many uses.


  • Licensed Practical Nurse - 1995

    Michelle Beech received her nursing license at Tennessee Technology in Nashville.
  • Master Injector of Cosmetic Enhancements

    Over the years, Michelle has personally performed thousands of injections with rave reviews.
  • Laser Instructor

    Certified on various laser equipment, Michelle is available for training and instruction.